The beauty ofMade in Italyinside and outsidethe world


The Founder And

Chairman's Message

This versatility is the direct consequence of our founder’s experience, Alessio Belloni, who established our studio and is leading a multicultural architects élite.

After graduating from the Politecnico of Milan, Alessio Belloni decided to start his own in 1978, dedicating to the design of exclusive buildings in Europe, China and United States from Italy.

In 1998, he designed a Royal Palace section in Sharjah, increasing his knowledge of the Arab world and gaining a whole experience in the niche of luxury architecture.

For the past forty years, his mission – along with us – is to bring Italian beauty inside and outside our customers’ world.

Our thought is that behind every project lies the rigorous study of shapes and living context, artistic influences may come further only at a later stage. Because there is no beauty without knowledge.