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What We Do

Our job is to give our clients a brand new and totally different life experience in which, surrounded by beauty, they could cultivate, grow and harness the Italian lifestyle. For this reason we often work with Italian suppliers and partners: from the start we draw to achieve the most exclusive requests and we involve the best craftsmen in the customised production, so that the customer could experience the “Italianness” in its living universe.





Alessio LLc is privileged to have a wealth of talent and experience in the Masterplanning of projects internationally. Masterplanning provides the basis for developing a site. It is the basis of the vision for the client and is also the development tool for stakeholder participation, funding and investment.

We pride ourselves on directing our best efforts towards developing flexible and clear connections along with useable and appealing spaces which has shown itself particularly important for larger developments with a complex interaction of functional, circulation and site planning requirements.

Masterplanning needs a high degree of effective consultation with the client to understand their needs which is best resolved using an integrated team approach.

The master plan will provide direction regarding the siting and design of buildings, spaces and activities, and it should also provide for future proofing over time. Our methodology includes:
• Project information gathering and analysis
• Design vision and objectives
• Creating options leading to a preferred option
• Finalising the master plan – refining the preferred option, confirming a functional brief, design controls and guidelines, cost and budget estimates, implementation and staging Once the master plan has been developed and approved, it becomes a document that will generally be updated to incorporate any updated business needs and objectives, or changing project requirements.
Our aim is to strengthen relationships within the human environment through its interaction with the built.



Alessio LLC is a full-service Italian international firm that delivers leading edge architecture right across the full spectrum of ‘lifestyle living’ projects including award winning Residential, Mixed and Public Use along with hotel and resort design and development.

With a team of architects, designers and technicians, Alessio LLc like to get on-board from the early stages of a project enabling us to provide architectural services from the preliminary feasibility stage through concept/design development and detailed design and then to construction stage assistance and monitoring across a range of ‘lifestyle living’ projects.

“Our strength is in our ability to maximise the potential of a development whilst meeting our client’s objectives of design excellence, time, quality and cost”

Alessio LLc have experience across each and every kind of projects. Our team is well versed in all aspects, across all phases of project delivery and are committed to delivering on time and on budget as well as setting new benchmarks in terms of innovation, design and quality.

“It’s our main aim to continually deliver beautiful and functional spaces that residents are proud to inhabit”


Interior Design

We are a boutique Interior design practice who work collaboratively with our clients to deliver innovative design solutions across multiple sectors. We strive to provide the highest level of design excellence and professional service on residential, commercial, mixed-use and public projects along with hotels and resort developments. Our vision to be the leading designers in lifestyle living is informed by thorough research with our international partners and through current design trend philosophies.

“our overarching focus is to create beautiful spaces that balance elegance and functionality” Alessio LLc Interiors is a talented group of dedicated professionals providing consulting services to suit the needs and requirements of our various clients all over the world, with offices located in Sharjah and Milan. Our teams have specialist experience in particular discipline areas and together are well placed to offer a full range of interior design consulting services.

“we aspire to be leading professionals in our field, across all components of interior design” Alessio LLc Interiors approaches all projects with a focus on design excellence, innovation and human sensitivity and our methodology is characterized by informed design, close consultation, strategic iteration and team collaboration.



Our design decisions are always informed by detailed analysis. We invest in innovation and have been at the forefront in developing new design tools. Over a long period we have pioneered technological advances in our working methods, and worked closely with industry to develop the application of new materials and construction techniques in individual projects around the world.

Our commitment to research into sustainable environments has allowed us to bring our expertise to bear on an unprecedented range of projects, at a variety of scales; and our post-occupancy research allows us to refine design solutions to ensure long-term flexibility.



Sustainability has been a central theme for us at Alessio LLc. To remain at the forefront of advances in sustainable design, our Research and Development Group includes a multi-disciplinary Sustainability Forum and dedicated Sustainability Co-ordinators. We consider environmental performance holistically: from the embodied energy of materials to life-time energy performance.

In many of our projects, we have pioneered renewable energy solutions, which have offered dramatic reductions in pollution and carbon emissions. Working with industry, we have implemented new forms of cladding systems that can harvest solar energy.

"The principles of sustainability are integral to our work: designing buildings that run at a fraction of current energy requirements, or urban quarters that can support thriving communities, improving the quality of life in a city for all”.